Goodbye Maurice/No More Maurice

Written and performed by Laryssa Husiak

Workshopped at Dixon Place, 2007; Inner Beauty @ Envoy, 2009; Love Salon @ Starr Space, 2009.

Below is a short excerpt from the piece:

Maurice, if we when are married we could live in a little hut in the mountains with my ancestors.  We could wear thick coarse fibers and big straw hats and goulashes. We could harvest vegetables and wildflowers and make love in thick soil on our anniversaries.  If we’re married we’ll dress up in funny little mountain hats and funny little mountain shoes and blow on long wooden flutes to the next village when the butter is ready or the cows were killed. During the winter I could bake apples from the fall and you can tan leather in the basement, or something.  And we’d only leave the house for firewood and to buy wrapping paper for Christmas.  In the spring I could prepare a bed of fern and moss and pillows made of dandelion blossoms.  The heavy dew would melt off our eyes in the morning and we would rise at dawn to work.  To work at making things work. Making life work.   Work hard to survive and forget about how hard it can be to love each other.